Escaping Winter

Last week I finished the tapestry I have been working on during the long gloomy winter. The scene is of a hayfield in summer, green alfalfa and lighter green hills behind it, with cumulus clouds overhead. I found it comforting to focus on that image when it was bitter cold, icy , muddy or some combination of the two. We always have cold and snow in the winter, but there was less sun and respite from bad weather this year. I use a mood light every day for 15 minutes to make up for the lack of sunlight. It seems to help; I'm not willing to find out what the result would be if I stopped using it. It is ironic that I was born on the shortest day of the year, since I dread the short days. Tapestry weaving is a good escape. It takes intense focus;  I experience it as a form of travel through the space of the landscape. Today I am working on a real landscape as I clean up my flower beds. I think winter has shifted to spring, though there will  be a few more storms .